Beyond Lighting: Energy Efficiency for Commercial HVAC Systems

To remain OSHA compliant, businesses run their HVAC system(s) continuously. When a building is not fully occupied, the HVAC and the ventilation fan continue to bring in and condition the outside air at the same rate as if the building were fully occupied. This causes an energy waste in two ways: conditioning unnecessary amounts of outside air and constantly running the ventilation fan.

VentX Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is a means by which the outside air for ventilation in commercial and industrial buildings is controlled. The outside air control is done to minimize the energy for conditioning of this outside air while maintaining the air quality within the conditioned space and saves energy by turning the system off when the air temperature and quality are optimal. The result? A space as comfortable and climate controlled as before, but with less energy wasted on conditioning unnecessary air.

VentX does not alter the operation of the thermostat, or its settings, during heating or cooling periods. Rather, it works collaboratively and in conjunction with the thermostat to optimize air quality and ventilation within the facility while removing extraneous energy consuming processes making the HVAC system more energy efficient.

smart ventilation

VentX, designed and implemented by Matrix Energy Services, provides a better way to ventilate.

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No Interruptions

Heating or Cooling? VentX does not interfere with thermostat set points.


OSHA Compliant

VentX keeps air quality in OSHA compliance.


Fail Safe

The thermostat works as initially programmed before installation.


Universal Compatibility

VentX is compatible with all existing thermostats.

VentX can be installed

at No cost to you

Offered by Matrix Energy Services, Inc. and funded through local utility companies*

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