Lower the cost of running your commercial ventilation system

VentX – Conceived, Designed and Installed by Matrix Energy Services. Matrix  is proud to have designed and built an emerging DCV technology that lowers operating costs through the optimization of commercial ventilation systems. VentX – Smart Ventilation by Matrix, does this in the most intelligent and cost-effective way while allowing the building to remain OSHA compliant.

smart ventilation

To remain OSHA compliant, ventilation systems must run the supply fan(s) continuously. This requirement demands a continuous use of electricity. Our controller ensures compliancy through a dynamic and sophisticated control device. VentX senses occupancy based on CO2 present in the area. When CO2 levels decline below an established threshold, VentX responds by limiting fan usage thus saving energy by reducing the amount of outside air requiring conditioning and from resting the fan when it is not needed.

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The fan controller comes with 3 main integrated components: CO2 sensor, a scheduler that works off a timer and heating/cooling response calls. All work together in a system to save energy by turning supply fans off for short periods of time.


No Interruptions

Heating or Cooling? VentX does not interfere with normal thermostat function.


CO2 Sensor

VentX is integrated with a sensor that monitors CO2 levels. It cycles the fan to keep the space at the optimum ventilation level.


Fail Safe

If VentX is interrupted, the thermostat will continue to work as initially programmed before installation.


Universal Compatibility

VentX is compatible with all existing thermostats.

VentX can be installed

at No cost to you

Offered by Matrix Energy Services, Inc. and funded through local utility companies*

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*For more information on funding please check with your electric utility provider