Our commercial rebates program just got way easier

Earn up to $50,000 per facility and reduce your operating costs while conserving energy

Improve the way your business looks

LED lighting helps you improve the look of your space while saving energy.  Longer lasting with higher quality color options, LED lighting uses far less energy and lasts much longer than traditional light sources. Upgrade your business' lighting and take advantage of cost saving rebates today.

Who We Are

Matrix Energy Services is a leader in energy efficiency. We design and deliver energy conservation programs to help businesses and schools save money by lowering their utility bills. We possess strong capabilities in analyzing commercial energy usage. We have helped thousands of customers and we can help your business run in a more energy efficient, cost-effective way.

What We Do

LG&E’s Commercial Rebate Program has always been a great way for small businesses to reduce energy use and get cash rebates. LG&E has partnered with Matrix Energy Services to make the process a lot easier for small businesses.

How It Works

Soon, we will stop by your business, or give you a call to schedule a time that’s best for you. We will conduct a walk-through of your business, and provide step-by-step recommendations on how you can start reducing your energy use and earning rebates. Bottom line: We can help your business save energy and earn cash.

From our programs throughout the country, business owners have seen

$ Million Combined 1st Year Savings
kWh Lowered by M