Retail energy efficiency program

A program designed to increase energy efficiency in large corporate retail spaces and lower operating expenses.

Improve the customer experience

Retail Corporations have distinctive styling needs to stay competitive in today’s market. Enhance the look of your retail goods by installing  energy efficient lighting.

Brighten and conserve with


Brighten your space and reduce energy use. Incentives can help retail stores and distribution centers offset the cost of adding energy efficient lighting.

benefits of reep

No Cost Assessment

Detailed Report With Recommendations and Simple Payback Period


Customizable to Fit Your Needs. REEP Offers Many Lighting Option Upgrades

Improved Aesthetics

More Comfortable Temperature and Enhanced Customer Experience

upgrades under REEP


LED & Fluorescent


HVAC CO2 Sensors


Lighting Controls & Design


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has teamed up with Matrix Energy Services, to bring you the Retail Energy Efficiency Program (REEP).  Designed to increase energy efficiency in large corporate retail spaces, REEP delivers the latest in lighting technology to the sales floor to improve the customer experience and lower operating expenses

No Initial Out of Pocket Expense

Funding is available for the programs and is accumulated through the collection of the Public Purpose Program (PPP) surcharge billed monthly to all PG&E ratepayers. Matrix offers 12 month interest free financing. Equipment upgrades come at low cost to NO COST. Oftentimes, the energy savings are so substantial that a return on investment is seen within the first month!